Cordless IP Phone Options

Cordless IP Phone Options


  • Comfortable extras – the telephones' 1.8-inch TFT color display and state-of-the-art interface offer added ease of use. Choose from 2 color variants to suit personal taste.
  • Brilliant sound quality – the IP phone's audio technology provides improved sound, even in hands-free mode. Thanks to HDSP, users can enjoy double the sound quality compared to regular calls.
  • Personalization made easy – a phone book for up to 200 entries makes it easier to find contacts. VIP contacts can be provided with individual ringtones and birthday reminders.

Improve your mobile VoIP communications experience, when on the go within the workplace. The Wireless IP Phone is designed for the more physically active user who may not be assigned a desk, may share a desk with colleagues, or may have a desk, but often needs to step away from it during a work shift.

Product Description

This option is great for businesses of all sizes that have deployed 802.11 Wireless LAN networks, the cordless IP phone is ideal for professionals on shifts, such as:

Doctors, nurses, and technicians in healthcare

Customer service and help desk staff in retail

Managerial and engineering staff within manufacturing, oil, and chemical industries


  • 1 base chargers
  • 2 AAA rechargeable batteries