Travel Agency VoIP Features

Travel agents carry the weight of their clients’ best experiences on their shoulders. In order to provide the best calling experience, travel agencies can use these VoIP features to stay in touch with their

  • Business SMS is a great tool for promoting special deals and offers to revive inactive clients or reward your best clients.
  • Voicemail to email gives you the chance to quickly react to a client’s inquiries in the event that you miss, or can’t take, the call. Receive their voicemail straight to your email and replay, forward, or delete the message right from your inbox.
  • Hunt groups find an available agent to assist callers. If your hunt group consists of a regional office with 10 agents, the system will “hunt” from device to device until the call is answered or routed to a voicemail.
  • Call forwarding lets you take your calls while on the go. Set up is easy and can be disabled when you return to your desk.
  • Music on hold is another way to educate callers about special promotions. While they wait, callers can discover new destinations or enticing travel packages.

Law Office VoIP Features

Law offices do their best to make their clients feel secure and confident that their issues can be resolved. VoIP features do their best to make sure law offices can maintain the reliability and call quality to make hard times a little easier to go through.

  • Call recording is essential for keeping record of your interactions with individuals involved in your cases. You won’t have to rely on someone else’s word when you have an unbiased recording.
  • Call continuity keeps you connected to clients wherever you are so you can maintain a sense of reliability at all times.
  • Local phone numbers encourage communities near you to get in touch with you to learn more about your services. If you ever have to reach out to someone, a local number increases your answer rate.
  • Conference calling allows for seamless collaboration without compromising audio quality.

Satisfy compliance regulations with a VoIP system that keeps you on the right side of the law with communications best practices. 

Hospitality VoIP Features

Creating unforgettable experiences is what hospitality is all about. Whether it’s a luxurious event or a quiet, comfy stay at a hotel, professionals take their efforts above and beyond.  

  • Extension dialing makes it easy to reach anyone of your many employees without having to add extra phone numbers. You can also add rooms as part of your extensions to make it easy to dial rooms for assistance without having to add a new number for each extension.
  • Auto attendant gives callers the best experience since it can route patrons and potential visitors to the right person depending on their inquiry.
  • Music on hold is a convenient way to engage callers with promotions and upcoming seasonal announcements. Messages are easy to change and can also be used to play music if that’s what you prefer.
  • Call recording keeps employees honest and eliminates the need for he-said-she-said in the event that a reservation made over the phone has errors. It’s also the best way to maintain compliance with regulatory entities. 

Financial Services VoIP Features

Anyone in the finance industry understands the importance of every penny, especially in business. With VoIP’s cost effective call management and communication solutions

  • Virtual extensions let you manage multiple locations as your business expands. Alleviate overflow and direct callers to a helpful agent regardless of where they are.    
  • Live call monitoring makes it easy to ensure call quality and assurance. Train and coach new employees with call monitoring features to make sure they meet the standard of your firm.
  • Call recording assures compliance from regulatory entities, which can make or break a financial services firm. Use call recording for risk management, data backup and accurate record keeping.
  • Virtual Fax lets you receive and send faxes from anywhere; you can even turn your analog fax into a virtual fax with an adapter so you don’t have to worry about replacing or ditching perfectly good equipment.

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