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If you're running a business, having a reliable phone system provider is crucial in today's world. Being able to communicate with your customers is vital to the success of any company. That is why not having a modern business phone system that can properly handle your incoming calls will only lead to unhappy customers and missed sales.

Any customer that has a good experience with your brand, will talk about your company to their friends and colleagues. This word of mouth marketing can be extremely powerful for your growing your business and the main way to accomplish this to provide the type of cloud-based phone systems that will improve the entire customer journey.

FastPBX can help you increase your sales and customer satisfaction with our virtual business phones. With improved customer service, you will see your customer reviews skyrocket.

If you are interested in the benefits of our VoIP Systems when compare to traditional landline phones, please continue reading to learn more about our business phone services

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Our Guide To The Virtual Business Phone Service Experience

Office phones have improved over the years with the help of cloud technology and extraordinary manufacturing. With modern technology, you can rely or a wide range of excellent features.

Using an office phone (or any phone, for that matter) used to require the help of an operator who would connect two physical lines in order for two parties to communicate.

After decades of iterations and technological developments, the office phone system of today is allowing us to communicate better and conveniently with those who matter most to our business.

Since VoIP phone systems use your internet connection, phones are able to integrate with enterprise applications and make phone calls by routing them through your network. This makes it easy to transfer data and experience clearer call quality.

The capabilities of an office phone system continue to evolve as technological advancements change the way we communicate. Trends continue to predict the growth of VoIP users and office phone systems are working hard to keep up with shifting communication demands.

VoIP phone systems consists of many moving parts; but we’ll stick to these four main components to give you basic idea.

The PBX. Acts as the brain of the entire system. Its main purpose is to dictate call flow and run the capabilities of your entire system.

Office phones. These are endpoints necessary to retrieve and make your business calls; they’re also known as VoIP phones and IP phones. Faulty hardware can affect the quality of your business phone service and calls.

Internet connection. The reliability of your internet connection defines the quality of your call and powers your phone system. If the PBX is the brain, an internet connection is the pumping heart that keeps it going.

Phone numbers. Having a phone number makes it possible for an individual to contact you. A phone number can seem like a minor detail but having the right phone number establishes credibility and can help others reach your business easily.

What Is A VoIP Phone?

A VoIP phone looks like any office phone, inconspicuous and modest. When you start discovering what you can do with a VoIP phone, however, it’s on a level of its own.

VoIP phones convert standard audio into digital format so that it can be transmitted over the internet, which makes sense since VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol.

Even though an internet connection is required, VoIP technology doesn’t limit you to using your computer as a communication device.


Features And Capabilities VoIP Office Phone Systems

The beauty of VoIP office phones is that each model can offer something different to its user that will make a positive impact. Having a variety of phones with different functionalities allows anyone looking for a great phone to be as selective as they need to be.

Although there are countless VoIP phone models and manufacturers out there, we can narrow it down to a few physical features every VoIP phone should have.

Graphical LCD display screen. Not all display screens will have full color, but a well it screen with enough room to display the necessary information, like caller ID or call duration, is standard.

Programmable keys. Whether it’s a menu, labeled extensions, or labeling the functions of your keys; having customizable key pads help you navigate and handle the features from your VoIP service provider.

Speakerphone and a microphone.

Ports for necessary connections. Depending on the type of VoIP phone you have, you can find ports for Ethernet and internet connectivity, as well as ports that connect the phone to other devices.

Keypad. Allows you to dial or search directory entries.

While the physical features allow you to do more than with a traditional analog phone, its capabilities (how your PBX system is configured) is what brings the full scope of VoIP phone benefits right to your desk.

Common features you can access with your VoIP phone are caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, call transfer, and hold.

Quality Office Phone Hardware Technology Options

When searching for the best office phones, it’s important to start with what your needs and expectations are. Different businesses have different needs depending on their customers, users, employees and locations. 

If you usually receive a lot of calls throughout the day, look for a phone with multiple lines. If your business usually receives a few calls per day, a phone with less available lines will work just fine.

Some businesses prefer a phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, while others need a simpler device for basic communication functions.

There is no “right” phone when it comes to your business. Whatever your unique needs may be, there are dozens of brands of IP phones that you can choose from that can meet your expectations.

FastPBX is a Cisco Small Business Partner, but that’s not why we recommend Cisco phones to small businesses. We do so because Cisco phones and equipment are most compatible with our system and work well with our capabilities and features.

You can also use our VoIP service with other IP phone brands, like Yealink, Polycom, Avaya, and Grandstream.

Accessories For Increased Efficiency

Your search shouldn’t stop with an IP phone; there are many accessories you can use to upgrade your device and extend to features of your equipment.

Adapters, expansion modules, and headsets are just a few essential accessories business owners are getting their hands on and improving their productivity.

A Cisco SPA500ds is popular with many 5-series phone users because of its one-touch transfer capabilities and easy-to-read indicators. It’s one of the many ways you can organize your call flow and save time while improving the caller’s experience.

Mobile Access To Your Virtual Phones

A VoIP phone may not work for everyone. Sometimes businesses need to supplement their VoIP phone systems with a web or mobile app to create a seamless workflow while they’re working on their desktop computers in the office or employees working from home or on a mobile phone.

Other professionals may not even have a physical office so they don’t need a physical phone. In this case, users can benefit from the mobile-friendly capabilities of VoIP phones and use their smartphones as their business communication device.

This is a great option for freelancers and entrepreneurs that are just getting started in their business venture.


Unified Communications With A Cloud Office Phone System

We hope it is clear to you by now why a VoIP business phone is far superior than any traditional office phone. If we have not convince you by now to try FastPBX and upgrade your traditional phone service, we will give you a final summary of the benefits and features of an integrated communication platform.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

The modern internet has allowed voip technology to become the ideal way for businesses to handle their outgoing and incoming calls. With the robust and consistent high-speed connections offered by today's providers, internet-based cloud voice phones now provide the best experience and allow us to offer additional features to grow and make your business successful and profitable.

Happy Customers And Companies With No Landline Required

Gone are the days of dropped calls and unhappy customers. We prioritize continuity of experience and aim to achieve where other phone companies fail. Your communications are our top priority, which is why we provide a whole set of advanced features to meet your needs. Our wide array of features is designed to make your company more productive and make your customers happy.

Equipment And Connections

You don't need expensive equipment to take advantage of top grade business phone service. We offer a wide array of compatible desk phones with a high quality of features. We have entry-level phones for the small and growing business or we can help your growing company with multi-line IP phones to handle the high volume of calls a larger business might need to deal with. No matter the size of your business, our offering of phone options will leave you with the right choice.

Small Business Plans And Pricing

We offer economical pricing for businesses of sizes. Our pricing structures are designed so that you don't end up paying too much each month per user. We have plans for the young startup or the big company that needs to properly handle the volume of calls. Save time and money with one of our business plans.

No Limits On Minutes Or Time

Some phone plans leave companies worried about their usage and cost of toll-free minutes. Our plans allow you to focus on communicating and caring for your customer. Find peace of mind that with our affordable service, you won't have to worry about any limits.

Lines And Extensions

Any growing business has a need to properly handle incoming calls. Our cloud-based options give you the flexibility to be able to accommodate your customers when they call. Our service is structured into lines and extensions. Each line is associated with a phone number and those our routed to employees based on their extensions. You can have multiple numbers routed to any extension, this allows you to increase productivity by making sure all your calls are routed to where they need to be.

Local Or Toll Free Numbers

One great benefit of a virtual phone is the ability to use any local or toll-free number. We can provide you with a new affordable number or you can port any existing numbers you might have so that you can take advantage of a reliable phone service.

Calls And Instant Messaging

Since phone calls are at the core of any successful business, our calling features are designed to help you succeed. Employees can take calls from their desk or even on their smartphone mobile device while they are out of the office. Our numbers can also accept instant messaging and sms messaging route directly to you or your employees cell phone so that no call or message is missed.

Remote Employees Or Working From Home

In current times, it is important to have a phone service that provides mobility options. You might have some employees that work from home or work out on the field, and being able to have them connected can be very beneficial. 

There's no need to worry about desk phone placement anymore. All of our VoIP phones are pre-programmed to be plug-and-play. This means that employees can take their desk phone home and be ready to take calls by simply connecting their phone to the internet.

When it comes to employees with smartphones. We offer a cell phone app designed for mobile users. With our app, you can send and receive calls and text messages from the comfort of your personal cell phone.

Real-Time Voicemail And Email

Never miss an important call again. Stay on top of all your customer callback procedures with reliable voicemail. We also offer the ability of have your voicemails transcribed and sent to your email inbox. Your customers can be happy people when they can count on being able to communicate with you through voicemail. We offer individual voice mail boxes for each of our extensions.

Auto Queues With Hold Music

The more successful your business becomes, the more call volume you can expect. For those moments when your clients have to be placed on hold, we offer the ability for them to hear hold messages or even whatever music you'd like to make their experience that much better.

We also provide call center technology for those businesses who need to handle high call traffic. With our queuing system to can rest assured that all your calls will be answered and no customer will have a negative experience. 

Virtual Receptionist

A key part of business communications is how the customer is treated when they call into your company. We offer a "virtual receptionist" service to greet your customer and help them got connected to the correct department. You can choose from an automated recording, but for that extra touch, we can provide a professional voice actor from a proffessional voice studio to direct your customer's call. 

Call Recording

We offer several features aimed at improving the quality of your calls. Part of a successful experience for your customers is them speaking to a well trained representative . We offer several recording options for agent & person training. Through our web panel, you can listen to the quality of your calls to identify issue or places where you can improve. The safety of the customer identity is always important to us, so we take special steps to protect any recording information.

Benefits Of A FastPBX Small Business Phone System

With our cloud-based PBX systems, you can leap ahead of the competition. You’ll have the flexibility and performance needed to keep up with today’s complex business environment, while keeping costs reasonable and enhancing customer experiences.

Unlimited Calling

Unlimited calling allows you to expand your business communications and reach colleagues across the U.S. and Canada. Make more happen.

Call Continuity

How can you ensure constant communication between your customers, employees, & partners? Forward calls so you never miss a call again.

30 Day Guarantee

Customers enjoy our technology but no one’s perfect. If we don’t fulfill your business phone needs in the first month, we’ll gladly refund you.

US 24/7 Support

Need help with troubleshooting, making changes to your account, or expert advice on your PBX system? We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

No Contracts

Enjoy our system for as long as you need. We’re confident that you’ll love our service and technology so much that we won’t need to lock you down.

Go Mobile

A business owner’s job is never done. Take your business communications with you wherever you go so you can stay in touch with those who matter.

A Wide Selection Of Features For Every Need

Our VoIP features can improve your call flow, boost productivity, and keep you connected with customers wherever you are. 

Unlimited U.S. & Canada Calling

Unlimited Calls to Anywhere in the U.S. & Canada

Learn More

Call Continuity

Never Miss a Call Even Without Internet or Electricity

Learn More

Choose / Bring Your Number

Make Your Business Phone Number Easy to Remember

Learn More

Encrypted Calling

Keep Your Calls Private & Secure

Learn More


When You Can't Answer, Your Callers Will Still be Heard

Learn More

Premium Calling Features

Premium Calling Features

Learn More

Extension Dialing

Connect Employees Quickly and Easily

Learn More

Auto Attendant Message

Retain Customers with a Better Caller Experience

Learn More

Customized Prompt Menu

Help Callers Find What They Need

Learn More

Time Conditions / Call Routing / Call Groups

Time Conditions / Call Routing / Call Groups

Learn More

Simultaneous Ringing

Help Callers Reach More Agents

Learn More

Conference Calling

Enhanced Communications with Conference Calling

Learn More

Paging Service

Convenient Broadcasting to Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Learn More

Call Blocking

Avoid Unwanted Numbers & Prevent Distractions

Learn More

Voicemail to Email

Increased Reaction Times for Increase Customer Satisfaction

Learn More

Online Call Logging

Online Call Logging Subtitle

Learn More

Customized Paging

Customized Paging Subtitle

Learn More

Performance Tracking

Make Quality Assurance the Standard

Learn More

Call Analytics

Turn Your Calls Into Useful Data & Stats

Learn More

Virtual Messaging w/ SMS

Virtual SMS for Business use

Learn More

Live Call Monitoring

Ensure Quality and Develop Agents

Learn More

Call Recording

Keep Detailed Call Records For Accountability

Learn More

Premium Virtual App

Premium Virtual App Service for Enterprise Users

Learn More

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