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FastPBX makes it simple to forward your calls to any other phone, whether it's an outside phone number or an internal extension. 

To Forward All Calls 

  1. Press the "CF" softkey on your phone display. This can also be accomplished by dialing *72. 
  2. The system will then prompt you to enter the number you would like to forward your calls to, followed by the "#" sign. To forward to an internal extension, dial the extension number. To forward to an outside phone number, dial the prefix (typically "9") followed by the phone number. It is not necessary to use the "1" before the area code. 
  3. The system will then prompt you to confirm the number you have entered. Press "1" to confirm or "2" to reenter the number. 
  4. Once you press "1" to confirm the number you have entered is correct, you will hear a prompt stating that your number is now forwarded. 
  5. To disable the call forwarding, simply press the "CF" button on your screen or dial *72. You should now hear a prompt stating that call forwarding has been disable

Reach Out And Communicate

FastPBX makes it simple to use a multitude of options to place a call. To place a call to any outside phone number, you must dial a prefix before the number. This is done so that the system can identify whether you would like to dial an internal extension number or an outside phone line. Depending on the configuration of your phone system the prefix number may vary, but the most common number is “9”. Internal extension numbers do not require a prefix.

There are multiple ways to initiate a call through your phone (Remember to use the prefix, most commonly “9”, to reach an outside phone number):

  1. Pick up the receiver then dial the number.
  2. Place the phone on speaker then dial the number.
  3. Dial the number then pick up the receiver.
  4. Dial the number then press the speaker button.
  5. Dial the number followed by the “#” key. (This will place the call on speaker)
  6. Dial the number then press “dial” button on your phone display. (This will place the call on speaker)



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