By alicia.sandino on May 02, 2017
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When thinking about ways to improve your business, several possibilities might run through your mind. If the best way to stay in contact with your customers is one of those things, look to VoIP phone service providers to bring peace of mind to your communications.

If you’re not part of the 31% of businesses using VoIP, you’re missing out on growth potential and engaging your employees with communication technology of the future. Read the 4 ways VoIP phone service providers can improve your business communications.


It’s not worth making a change to your business if there aren’t any positive benefits; with VoIP, you get multiple. Aside from cost savings, which has been a huge driver of businesses switching to VoIP, it’s also known for its productivity-enhancing features.

Voicemail to email, simultaneous ringing, and call forwarding are all simple yet effective features that keep businesses engaged with customers without missing a beat.

Manage Your Call Flow

Did you know that over a quarter of consumers decide whether they continue using a company’s service or products based on a customer service experience? By establishing a call flow that keeps your customers informed and directed to the right person you are actively improving a process that many consider dreadful.

Bring order to your call flow with a cloud receptionist. This feature delivers a custom greeting to your callers to help keep them informed and allows you to create a route logic that defines your call flow to minimize missed calls.


When your business is customer-focused, you can’t be limited in your communication methods. VoIP service providers are taking note and giving business owners on the go the freedom to use their business phone service features wherever they go. Looking for more flexibility? Most VoIP service providers offer a range of service tiers to serve your communication needs.

Customization lets you build a versatile phone system so you can make your communications work for you. Although getting this kind of flexibility is not usually standard, there are business VoIP providers who can cater to your unique communication needs.

Securing Your Communications

You can have all these great features set up within your business phone system, but without the proper security to ensure you stay connected, it won’t matter much. Call continuity is a great service that works to consistently keep calls flowing to reach the desired destination by using call forwarding capabilities. This comes in handy if your power goes out or your internet connection drops.

A fail over function is another great tool to help keep your communications up because it uses geo-redundant back up to find the nearest data center whenever there’s an issue with your local server.

Is a VoIP Telephone System Right for Your Business?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to save more money on my monthly phone bill?
  • Do I need a better way to stay in touch with my customers and employees?
  • Do I need better resources to assist my customers when they call?
  • Do I want to sound more professional without compromising my budget?
  • Do I need better call quality when my customer call?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can surely benefit from a VoIP telephone system. If you’re a small business thinking you won’t’ qualify for service or benefit from this technology, let a powerful VoIP telephone system show you otherwise.

FastPBX is a Leader Among Business VoIP Providers

Why does FastPBX have a significant customer satisfaction rate? Unlike more well-known business VoIP providers who got their start with residential solutions, FastPBX has focused on the communication needs of medium-sized and small businesses from day one.

Our proprietary technology allows us to customize a solution to your business communication needs and provide a seamless transition with our 24/7 U.S. based support team and convenient plug and play capabilities. Our cloud specialists are always available to answer your questions and can even provide a free bill analysis to show you how much you can save!

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