By David Melo on April 05, 2021

The Covid crisis has brought a major focus on the working from home trend. Due to this long-lasting pandemic, the world has started adopting newer means for running its businesses and keeping employees safe. Companies of all sizes have embraced technology and innovative systems to keep their businesses running. It is not as simple as it seems to be able to shift your business and adapt, so the ability to go online and integrate the most effective technologies available, is crucial to your success.

As the world gets vaccinated and things start to return to normal, here are a few ways how you can make sure your business can succeed with the "new normal".

Embrace "work from home" and remote employees

There is a reason why the most successful businesses are embracing the idea of the employee who works remotely. The idea of work from home has been made possible with the advancement of digital tools and communication technologies. Depending on your type of business, the concerns of productivity in such a system have been largely addressed. You and your workers can now collaborate and communicate online and be just as productive as if you were in the office.

There are also many benefits for you and your employees that can outweigh many of the possible concerns. Operation costs can be greatly reduced if the number of people physically in your office goes down. There are some benefits to employee morale also. Not having to waste hours commuting relives one common stress factor that affects many people. An employee does not have to worry about being late for work or being stuck in heavy traffic. The only thing he would need to be productive at home is a stable internet connection to receive calls, messages, and tasks needed to do their job. 

One very important factor to keep in mind is the quality of your communications. The ease and speed of how information travels within a company is one of the most important aspects of any successful operation. This is why having a reliable business phone provider like FastPBX can help prevent any possible nightmares or situations that might arise due to employees not being able to communicate with clients or each other  

FastPBX is a leading provider of internet-based VoIP business phone services. Our hardware can be used anywhere there is an internet connection and the same phone that an employee used at their desk can be taken home and plugged in. We also offer a web app and mobile app where you and your employees can send and receive calls and texts. This means that not only can working at home be effective, but also work on the go since you can now receive all your calls and messages on your mobile device.

Join and adapt to the online world

Technology has taken businesses out from a restricted physical area to a vast online space where they can expand and find new customers and opportunities.

With the rise of adoption, companies are using social media marketing techniques to advertise their products and services to new audiences. These tools can also analyze data and can help you find suitable customers. These technologies use customer preferences to connect them with the products they want to buy. A business that can tap into this type of market has unlimited growth potential. Taking advantage is the best way to expand and scale up your small business and catch more opportunities than before.

With more people online than ever before due to the world's reaction to this pandemic, the possibilities of your next customer finding you online are higher than ever, but only if your business can adapt to this new online world.

Any successful business will have to position itself to take advantage of an increasingly online customer base. The latest statistics show that almost 95% of the United States' population is online in some way or another.

Prepare your business for the long term

A pandemic like the one we are currently in has made many realize how fragile the world economy can be during natural disasters. Businesses were unprepared and many have gone out of business due to the drastic changes we all experienced.

Many businesses are taking this as a learning experience and changing the way they think about preparing for downtime. Having a clear contingency plan that outlines how your company can react to sudden events is important. A contingency plan should include how your business can keep operating in case of lockdowns or large events. This means having a plan for managing your finances. What costs can you freeze in case you need to conserve liquidity in your accounts. Which employees might you need to send home and which are vital to remaining at your office or location? How many months can your business last with limited or no sales? Questions like these should all be accounted for in any good contingency plan.

Although we create plans like this in hopes we never have to use them, being prepared for whatever curveballs the world might throw at you is a big key in making sure your business can endure the next big event.

Upgrade your communications platform

Communication is an important aspect of a business. Communication is a key to sell your product and win loyal customers in the market. The Covid crisis has created huge communication gaps. It has cost companies the loss of their loyal clients and shrinks their businesses.

Steady and secure business phone service is a necessary need at this time. Sales and marketing professionals need an easily accessible and reliable phone system. A professional phone system helps improve communication performance and increase customer satisfaction. It also saves a lot of time and money. Thanks to the advanced technology which is making it easier and more possible. Looking for a phone system that best suits your requirements and budget is now easier than ever. Smaller businesses would want to have cheaper and better solutions, so we have great options for them as well.

FastPBX provides premier office phone systems for small businesses in South Florida. Our business solution provides a fast virtual phone system and a wide selection of features to choose from. We provide affordable and flexible phone plans for small businesses to stop worrying at all. You can also make unlimited calls anywhere in the USA and Canada. Our system is compatible with mobile phones and hardware desktop phones also. It has a user-friendly interface, and our experts are available for 24/7 support.

FastPBX is a leading phone system provider in South Florida and provides its services even during the covid pandemic. It is the best choice for your business to prepare for covid recovery.

Maintain a healthy business environment

Part of the new normal is adapting to social distancing guidelines and making sure you limit your employees' risk of getting sick. There are some factors you can implement to keep a hygienic workplace and healthy workers. Even where there isn't a pandemic, companies still have to worry about sick employees and the drop in productivity from sick days. Making sure your business has systems in place to encourage a healthy environment can be beneficial. Some tips on how to improve your business to make it a more healthy environment:

Have a layout that limits how close employees have to be to each other.

Provide hand sanitizer and other methods for workers to be vigilant. Encourage hand washing and limit the potential exposure to pathogens.

Have procedures in place for workers who might be getting sick. Be more willing to allow sick leave in any employees is showing symptoms that might spread to other employees.

Have regular cleaning and disinfecting or highly touched surfaces like doorknobs.

In closing

This pandemic has greatly affected the way we do business. As the recovery rolls along, many businesses are looking towards the future and are ready to get back to work and making their customers happy. We hope that your business has a prosperous future ahead and we hope that some of our tips can be of use to you.

If you are interested in upgrading your business phone system, there is no better time than now. Many of the solutions going forward require good communication, and that is something that we care about here at FastPBX. We are dedicated to empowering our customers by making sure their communication needs are met with superior quality and a dedicated staff.

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