By alicia.sandino on July 07, 2017
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A cloud-based phone service, also known as a virtual phone service, can do more for your business’s reputation than you think.

With a cloud-based phone service, features have been created to anticipate your communication needs and work with you to improve the way you communicate with customers and colleagues.

Here are a few ways business VoIP providers work for you:

Business-specific local numbers are underestimated in their power to build credibility. It’s easy for an individual to be turned off by an unfamiliar area code and can make it harder for you to gain new clientele if you’re hoping to expand your services to other states.

This happens often when word-of-mouth about your service travels across state lines and more people start to learn about you. Having a vault of local numbers at your disposal can help instill trust with the customer and lets your business reach more individuals easily.

If you prefer to use your mobile phone but are worried about coming off as unprofessional, a cloud-based phone service will let you separate your business calls from your personal calls so you’re always ready with the best greeting for your caller.

A prefix, which acts a form of caller ID, can also come in handy to let you know what the call is about (i.e. sales, quote, billing, etc.) so you can dive into the call with the right mindset.

One of the best things about a cloud-based phone service is that you won’t have to worry about callers hearing a busy signal. A virtual phone service doesn’t use physical lines so you’re not limited to a number of inbound calls you can receive from one phone number.

Busy signals create a sense that your business may not be operational or that there is such a high call volume that you will not be able to help the caller with their issues. It’s a missed call that won’t likely be calling you again. Avoid this by relying on a business phone service that ensures you never miss a call.

A Business Phone Service You Can Trust

FastPBX is a cloud-based business phone service that was built from the ground up with the business owner in mind.

Our proprietary technology lets us tailor our small business phone plans to meet your unique communication needs.

Whether you’re using an IP desk phone or your mobile phone, operating on your own or managing a team of 200 employees, our cloud specialists can walk you through a cloud-based phone service plan that can suit your needs and get you started with building and maintaining your reputation.

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