By alicia.sandino on May 08, 2017

Call centers have certain criteria they need to meet in order to be successful. Aside from external demands such as accurately informing callers and providing excellent customer service, call center agents need to have the right tools to ensure peak internal communication and development. With a call management system that provides tools enabling productivity and optimal output, you can make the best of each interaction to keep callers satisfied while maintaining a professional image.

Business VoIP Providers Make It Happen

By understanding how call management systems can improve your call center’s operations, you can discover the value of business VoIP providers and take advantage of their features. Here’s how business VoIP providers bring value to call centers.

Assess Agent Performance and Behavior

Live call monitoring allows you to Barge, Whisper, or Spy to get an accurate reading of how your employees are interacting with callers. Barge works like a conferencing feature so you can jump in on a call whenever necessary. Whisper is perfect for live coaching because it allows you to speak to the agent without the caller knowing you’re on the call. Spy gives you the opportunity to monitor genuine interactions between callers and your agents without intimidating the employee. Use these features to provide accurate developmental critiques and improve your agents’ overall performance.

Organize Call Flow to Increase Productivity

Ring groups and simultaneous ringing can be implemented to engage the right employees at the right time; this way, the caller reaches an agent who can help them with specific questions. Establish call forwarding to reach secondary agents if the primary agent is unavailable. Do you have callers expecting multi-language support? Use custom menus to direct callers with specific language needs to the right representative.

Use IVR to Provide Information

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an essential feature that business VoIP providers offer because it gives call centers the opportunity to provide additional information to callers that may be essential for a successful interaction. Working in sync with your call flow organization, the IVR interacts with callers to help route them to the right person using voice commands and menu prompt selections. You can customize the message and prompt to create an automated support system that saves time and increases customer satisfaction.

Disaster Readiness

As your call management system operates to keep your calls flowing nicely and your employees engaged, the last thing you want is for an unexpected outage to abruptly stop your incoming calls. Unfortunately, this is something that comes to mind when it’s too late. Establishing a call continuity solution keeps your calls coming in so your call center doesn’t miss a beat. E911 and fail over to mobile are additional services that business VoIP providers offer to ensure your call center is prepared for the unexpected.

Ready for a Better Call Management Solution?

More than 80% of companies that offer high-quality service are outdoing their competitors. With the right call management system in place, you can be one of them. FastPBX is helping call centers efficiently take control of their communications with tailored plans and budget-friendly pricing.

Aside from a reliable call management system, FastPBX provides 24/7 U.S. based support and a 30-day money back guarantee. Our cloud specialists are available to walk you through a plan that fits your unique business communication needs.

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