By alicia.sandino on August 04, 2017
Small Business Growth Tips

Every company that we talk to wants to improve the user experience for their customer base.


Over the years, the mindset of companies has shifted away from the traditional operations (sales and profit-focused) towards a more holistic mindset that focuses on the customer experience.


Now, here’s a question for you:


What does “organizing your call flow” mean to you?


Has the thought ever even crossed your mind?


If not, our helpful cloud specialist, David, is breaking down the importance of a call management system and the crucial part it plays in organizing your call flow.


It’s more than just setting up an auto attendant and letting the caller’s journey play out.


It’s about taking a proactive approach to how your customers interact with your business.


Are you organizing your call flow the right way?


Voice communication is still the most practical and popular choice for many business owners.


So, keeping your call flow optimized for your caller’s needs will position your company as one that cares about its customers and understands the importance of their time.


One of the topics that come up when David is consulting with small business owners is how a phone system can play a role in retaining customers.


Usually, the answer lies in organizing your call flow so that callers get the best experience and your agents can remain engaged and insightful.


In this week’s Friday VoIP Tips, we’re answering 3 questions that show how important it is to organize your call flow.


  • How long is caller waiting to get the information they need?
  • How prepared is my agent?
  • How quickly is the person being attended to if all agents are busy?


Ready to learn? Watch the video!

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