By alicia.sandino on April 12, 2017
Small Business Growth Tips

Let’s face it, the internet has drastically changed our view of the world. It’s changed how (and when) we consume news, how we interact with one another, and even how we shop. For the past few years, the e-commerce industry has been on the rise and, according to Business Insider, is set on the path to becoming the future of retail.

With e-commerce leading in technology investments in 2016, growth in this digital space will lead to exponential business growth, which means you need to manage your communications accordingly. Having the right office phone for your e-commerce business is one way to streamline communications between you and consumers, and taking advantage of your office phone with the right business phone provider can offer more capabilities than you might expect.

A few ways your office phone can assist with your e-commerce business is by tracking your marketing campaigns by using assigned phone numbers and a call logging service. This way, when a caller dials the specified number, you can use the call logging service to see how many inbound calls were received from that campaign and compare the closing rates to determine your success.

Instead of hiring an extra resource to manage your call flow, automate it with a cloud receptionist. Having a cloud receptionist as part of your office phone system can improve your callers’ experience by directing them to the proper department or extension (“Press 1 for Customer Service”) and keeping them informed of any new offers they can take advantage of.

Setting up a cohesive route logic ensures assistance based on the action taken by the caller via the cloud receptionist. For example, if the caller needs to get a hold of customer service, they will be prompted to press 1 and the office phones of customer service representatives will ring, notifying an available agent to take action. Route logic works great when you plan to step out of the office but still want to take calls. You can have your office phone ring three times before it’s forwarded to your mobile phone so you don’t miss an opportunity.

Simple solutions like these make a positive difference in your ROI because they reduce time and money which would otherwise be spent on additional resources and bouncing callers around from one department to another. Can your current office phone offer time and money-saving solutions?

Business Phone Options

Searching different business phone options is the easy part. An e-commerce company can easily choose to use smartphones as their sole business communication devices but that won’t always be the case. Luckily, modern business phones are designed to be compatible with IP business phone systems and their configurations.

The Cisco SPA112 is an adapter that allows analog users to take advantage of VoIP services and features. Use it to turn your traditional fax into a virtual fax machine, too! If you’re just getting started with VoIP, we recommend the Cisco SPA303 business phone. It’s simple enough to use with a fairly small learning curve without compromising the level of capability that will make your communications more efficient. Smaller teams can benefit from this particular model, but some small businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, need to accommodate large call volume. If that’s the case, there are 5-line and 8-line phones to choose from, all with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

As a Cisco partner, FastPBX provides quality business phone hardware from this trusted brand so that users can take advantage of all the communication services that aid in business growth. Although Cisco is a preferred business phone option, our services can be used with any brand of IP business phones, such as Yealink and Polycom.

See Our Selection of Cisco Office Phones

If you’re looking for hardware that can stand up to your communications strategy, shop our selection of Cisco office phones and accessories. Reliable Cisco products are waiting to help you take back control of your communications.

E-commerce businesses know that clearly getting their message across to users and potential buyers is what generates long-term success. Bring the power of FastPBX and Cisco office phones to your business so you can manage your call flow effectively and improve your loyal customer’s calling experience.

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