By alicia.sandino on April 18, 2017
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Every day, more and more businesses are relying on VoIP phone companies for their communications. With a rise in VoIP for business communications, there is debate as to whether this is an effective solution at all, mostly because it relies on an internet connection. Despite the skepticism revolving around this technology, users are finding that VoIP phone companies are actually improving call flow and helping businesses save money.

Most importantly, VoIP phone companies are realizing that small businesses are benefiting the most from VoIP and advancements will only further improve the experience for both the business VoIP users and their customers. Looking ahead at some of the expected trends for VoIP Phone companies and their end users, we see many mentioning the Internet of Things (IoT), app integration, 5G technology, and security improvements. Although these are exciting changes coming in the near future, VoIP has already been presented as an adaptable technology for businesses of all types.

Advancements of the VoIP Telephone System

The VoIP telephone system is a relatively new technology and has only recently become a practical solution for small businesses. In the short history of VoIP telephone systems, there have been significant improvements to the technology, as well as how businesses are able to benefit from it.


If you’re not taking advantage of your VoIP telephone system’s reporting features, you’re missing out on the chance to really make your phone system work for you. Being able to quickly generate an overview of your team’s performance and daily activities instills accountability within teams, gives managers the foresight they need to establish growth strategies and provides the data you need for accurate performance reviews.


With VoIP phone systems allowing integration with soft phone apps that let you use your business phone from anywhere, along with business phone plans dedicated to the mobile user, it’s clear that smartphones are quickly becoming a contender with VoIP telephone system users. Giving entrepreneurs and small teams the freedom to take their business communications wherever they go has had a positive impact that will continue to establish VoIP as a communication technology that encompasses the needs of all professionals.

Customizable Solutions

Establishing a call management system that works the way you need it to has been the essential criteria for VoIP users. Features like simultaneous ringing and ring groups let you design how your employees interact with inbound calls, which improves employee engagement and productivity. Custom prompt menus give you the chance to give your caller a better experience by letting them choose the department or person they need to get in touch with. You can also set up commercials on hold to get the most from your marketing efforts. A customizable VoIP telephone system allows companies to brand themselves in a way that makes sense for them.


Automating your processes makes you more productive as it frees up your time from the mundane; today’s VoIP phone system is doing just that with a cloud receptionist. Once you’ve customized your call flow and set up your greetings and menus, the cloud receptionist will take care of the rest. An auto attendant acts as the bridge between your caller and the right person, guiding your caller when necessary and informing them about current promotions whenever they’re on hold. Being able to automate a call management system has allowed businesses to foster a professional image without investing too much time or money.

With increased functionality at every step and more coming our way, the VoIP telephone system is cementing its spot as the business communication solution for the future.

Researching Different VoIP Phone Companies?

If you’re ready to be a part of the growing business communications trend but you’re not sure where to begin, FastPBX is among the leading VoIP phone companies offering a wide range of tailored solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you need reliable hardware or a service that can keep up with your growth projections, let FastPBX help you take back control of your business communications.

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