By alicia.sandino on March 08, 2017

Whether you own a local business or you’re a traveling entrepreneur advocating your services around the world, you need a business phone to stay in touch with your community. How do you know which type you need? A quick google search for “business phone” yields endless results making it confusing, even overwhelming, to figure out where to begin. There are, however, some players in the game that are worth considering for your next business phone.

The Cisco Unified IP Phones 500 Series offers affordable, entry-level business phone options that can bring the high-quality audio that Cisco offers without breaking your budget. Depending on the degree of complexity your communication solution demands, there are several accessories available to boost your experience. Other top-notch brands to consider are Yealink, Polycom, and Panasonic.

For those who fall under the same category as the traveling entrepreneur who can’t rely on a physical desk phone but need to stay connected to prospects and teams, a smartphone can work just as well with your VoIP provider. This is made possible when you implement a virtual phone plan which allows you to use your business phone number with your smartphone, so you can be reached wherever you go.

Do I Really Need an Office Phone for Business Communication?

It’s easy to pass on the idea of an office phone as a primary method of business communication, especially with the ability to work straight from your mobile phone these days. With new technology creeping up every second, we tend to get caught up in keeping up with the latest tech which can make it easy to forget that keeping it simple is sometimes the best way to go.

For those business owners who want to step away from using a traditional office phone for business communication, there are options available. FastPBX offers a Nomad Plan that integrates with your smartphone so customers and prospects can reach you right to your mobile phone when they dial your business number. This may not be your usual phone for business operations, but it can be just the alternative you need for your specific business model.

A Cheap Business Phone is Easy to Find.

For those who prefer to go the traditional route and want to find a cheap business phone, you will be surprised to find that there are many affordable options available. Remember, just because you’re making a purchase for your business doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg. Traditional PBX systems used to be expensive partly because of the required equipment but with VoIP and other improvements to business communication, you can find a cheap business phone without compromising sound quality.

Finding your preferred brand can be as easy as searching in popular online marketplaces or simply calling your provider directly. Some providers, like FastPBX, have an Amazon storefront with a selection of affordable business phone models and accessories.

Is There a Phone Just for Small Business Communications?

There is no formula for finding the perfect phone for small business owners because every business has different needs. The only real way to experience the right phone for small business communication is to have the right business phone system provider. Your business phones are only as powerful as your provider and if you’re on a VoIP or Hosted PBX system your internet connection is just as important. Let FastPBX help you decide the best phone for your business communication needs and start getting back to running your business with reliable, clear call quality.

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