By alicia.sandino on March 14, 2017
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In order to know how a virtual PBX can improve your business communications, first, you need to know what a virtual PBX is. In past decades, companies relied on copper lines and switchboards to be able to exchange voice communication. Businesses were spending increasing amounts of money on installation, maintenance fees, and long distance charges.

Adding phones to the phone system was not seamless and only added to the already costly charges.

Today, we’re able to transmit voice data at much faster rate, with less assistance and much less hassle. Virtual PBX, also known as hosted PBX, uses cloud technology to store and exchange data between endpoints.

It’s great for business owners on the go because it doesn’t tie you down to a physical office phone on a desk; if you’re always on the go, a smartphone can be used to centralize your business documents, contacts, and calls all on one device.

Regardless of your industry or type of business, you’re most likely going to need to get in touch with customers or employees. Most business owners and office managers don’t want to deal with installing a phone system because they imagine it to be time-consuming, expensive, and an overall hassle.

Since a virtual PBX is managed using the cloud, there is virtually no installation necessary (unless you opt for physical office phones) and maintenance is non-existent because your service provider takes care of that for you.

Productivity-boosting features like ring groups and custom caller menus are simple yet essential service that a virtual PBX can offer for much less than a traditional phone service plan.

A Virtual Phone System can Transform Your Communications

If you’re currently working from home or freelancing and have to rely on prospects calling your personal phone number, a virtual PBX is your solution to establishing a professional image. Although there are several providers offering a virtual phone system as a communication solution, not all of them should be considered equal.

There are some that offer more features and capabilities than others; however, you want to make sure you get some essential services, like an automated attendant to make sure your callers are getting the best experience when they try to reach you.

With an automated attendant, you can create greetings to help guide callers to the right department or person and keep them updated on your latest offers. You won’t have to worry about busy signals or missing out on new opportunities either. Be on the lookout for call forwarding and voicemail to email to ensure you stay on top of your customer’s needs.

More importantly, a virtual phone system should cater to your unique communication needs based on your customer base, how often you need to stay in contact with customers and employees, and even the number of employees you have. Whether you work from home running an e-commerce site or manage a small team in an office, you can benefit from this modern communication technology.

Finding a Virtual Phone Service Provider

Finding a virtual phone service provider isn’t so difficult once you know what you need. Did you know that FastPBX is a trusted virtual phone service provider?

With tools focused on medium and small businesses, FastPBX is a simple yet crucial part of any successful business communication strategy and has helped many business owners modernize the way they keep in touch with customers and employees.

Why not give it a try for yourself?

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