By alicia.sandino on May 16, 2017
Small Business Growth Tips

Not everyone checks their voicemail. That familiar icon can stay on your cell phone’s screen for days before you get the urge to actually check it. I’m not talking about the few people who can’t sleep unless all their notifications have disappeared out of sight, I’m talking about the average human being who dreads voicemails and would rather let it sit in their inbox.

On the other hand, checking your email is as natural as getting your morning coffee; it just happens. So, why not have all of your important messages waiting for you right there, too! This is where voicemail to email comes in. By having all of your important messages in a place that you actively check, you can improve your response time and delegate a task or jump on it yourself right when you need to.

Meetings are inevitable for business owners, managers, and just about everyone else in the corporate sphere; however, some messages just can’t wait. The next time you’re sitting in a meeting expecting to hear from a potential client and you receive that long-awaited message with a final response, you can either wait it out or use your trusty voicemail to email feature to discreetly check the message. You can forward that email to other team members with what the next move should be and have the gears turning before your meeting even ends.

The process is simple. When you receive a voicemail, the message is converted to an MP3 file and sent to your email for easy access and collaboration so you can keep your team in the loop and your clients satisfied.

The Business Phone Systems Feature That Does More

There’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity, especially for a small business. This simple feature can minimize missed opportunities by optimizing your response time and making it easy to hear and share what’s important. Did you know that you can even prioritize messages right from your inbox? We have some helpful tips to help you get the most from your voicemail to email service.

Finding a PBX System That Works for You

Part of ensuring business growth comes from getting the most from the tools you have at your disposal. If you’re browsing for a PBX system that offers products and services, go with a hosted PBX system that was built from the ground up with the business owner in mind, like FastPBX. Our cloud specialists are always ready to tailor a solution to fit your unique business communication needs; so get started today and discover how we can bring the power of the cloud to you.

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