By alicia.sandino on July 06, 2017
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After years of hard work, long nights, and lessons learned, you’re starting to see your business take off and you’re closer to your vision than ever. As businesses like yours expand into different locations, either locally or across the country, there are new challenges that present themselves and can sometimes overwhelm even the most eager business owner.

Using a VoIP phone system can alleviate some of the stress and save you time and money as you continue to nurture your company towards new milestones and accomplishments. Let’s look at some ways a VoIP phone system can help you manage multiple locations.

VoIP telephone capabilities

Maintain a centralized image

If your business employs remote workers or has multiple customer service centers, a VoIP telephone system can help you create a centralized image among customers. You can have a phone number direct to any destination you choose, including mobile phones and extensions in different offices. A toll-free number is great for a professional feel and using custom prompts can help direct callers to the right department (or location). You can also use local phone numbers to resonate with specific areas and vanity numbers for a more memorable presence.

Mobile capabilities

VoIP telephone companies are making it easier for employees to have the freedom to work wherever with business phone plans prepared with the convenience of mobile phones in mind. You won’t have to worry about customers or clients having access to personal cell phones if you set up your call flow just right. Your automated attendant can direct callers to the right person simply by selection a prompt option and ring straight to the device. Even if you’re out of the office, or visiting a different location, you can forward any call that reaches your desk IP phone right to your cell phone so you don’t miss a call and callers can reach you on several devices using one phone number.

Manage internal communication

Use VoIP telephone features like voicemail to email and call logging to share and save important information. As you’re going through the daily grind, you want to stay updated on what’s going on at other locations as well; optimizing your communications between locations will expedite decision-making and make the output a whole lot easier. Extensions as part of your VoIP telephone system really come in handy and offer more capability than extensions with traditional analog service. Reporting is one vital piece of information that is always in demand within organizations. With a VoIP telephone system, you can generate reports to examine inbound and outbound call data, talk time, individual performance and more.

Disaster-proof with call continuity

We discussed call forwarding as a way to stay connected with customers outside the office but it’s also a great way to disaster-proof your lines of communication. In the event that one of your offices is inaccessible due to a natural disaster or local events, you can still run your business from a separate location and take phone calls from customers in need of your services or products. If you’d rather not use your cell phone, plug-and-play capabilities let you take your office phone, and its configured settings, with you so you don’t skip a beat while your physical office is down.

VoIP Service Providers Are Waiting to Help Your Business

If you’re planning on using a VoIP service provider to grow with you, FastPBX has cloud specialists standing by to consult with you on the best plan for your communication needs. We offer customized solutions and tailor our plans to your specific needs.

Here are some insights straight from one of our cloud specialists:

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