By alicia.sandino on August 11, 2017
Small Business Growth Tips

As business owners continue to realize that communication trends are shifting from analog to VoIP, there is a growing need for producing a professional greeting for an auto attendant.

An IVR (Interface Voice Response) works with your auto attended and uses keypad recognition to guide callers through possible selections that would direct them right to an agent or relevant information.

Think of the IVR as the logic and the auto attendant as the delegator of this logic.

An auto attendant is your first impression with callers.

Their experience determines if they’re going to refer your business or use your service.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that your IVR menu is set up with the right script to ensure that the auto attendant functions properly for customer satisfaction.

Get Your IVR Script Started

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a great Friday Tips video from our cloud specialist and consultant, David.

He’ll go through a couple of helpful IVR script tips and why an IVR can be your best asset in bringing your best foot forward with callers.


Watch the video below.

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