By alicia.sandino on July 11, 2017
Small Business Growth Tips

Due to outdated communication technology, businesses are increasingly switching over to IP telephony. This means that even with new technology providing a variety of ways to communicate with prospects, clients, and colleagues, voice communication is still considered crucial to business operations.

PBX phone system providers and manufacturers of small business phones, like Cisco and Polycom, are working together to offer solutions to these needs by providing useful yet practical features and hardware that allows users to make full use of these features with sleek office phones.

As the landscape of business communication continues to grow, we continue to see trends that will drive our interactions and operations decisions for the coming years. Here a few emerging trends we see for small business phone service and its users.

Streamlining productivity

As VoIP service providers continue to aim towards productivity and making communications more simple, app integrations will be on the rise this coming year. Integrating voice solutions with third-party cloud software will be part of the innovation that businesses need from their small business phone service.

Business phone consultants will continue to push cloud-based solutions

More businesses are beginning to embrace the power of "the cloud” and realizing that what was once met with skepticism is now a sought-after solution. Consultants are recommending this communication method more and aim to help analog and legacy users transition toward VoIP solutions.

Improvement of the customer experience

Customer retention is always on the radar of a growing business. Using a VoIP provider with your small business phones is one of the best ways to engage your customers and improve their calling experience. Self-service options, multi-channel communication like web chat, and SMS are making it easier for customers to get more information at their own convenience.

Business phones are connecting remote teams

Businesses are seeing a rise in remote workers, with 43% of the U.S. workforce working remotely at least sometimes compared to 39% in 2012. This is making effective communication and collaboration tools a must-have within organizations. Using VoIP phone service along with small business phones offers the flexibility and functionality needed to keep your team engaged and on the same page, wherever they are.

5G technology

5G may not be widely available until 2020, but it has already been rolled out and it’s on track to become a game changer for mobile users due to its speed. Having 10 times faster speeds than 4G means better call quality and a projected increase in VoIP apps since faster upload speeds will make apps more stable and user-friendly. This will also complement video and web conferencing so more seamless interactions.

VoIP mobility

Professionals want to use their smartphones for more than just gaming and texting. More business communications are taking place and it’s only a matter of time before small teams and entrepreneurs are making their mobile phones their go-to business devices. Many VoIP service providers are taking note and offering mobile-friendly business phone plans in addition to their office phone plans.

More Than a Trend; a PBX Phone System

FastPBX is a PBX phone system that provides communication solutions to small businesses by offering tailored plans and productivity-boosting features. Although these trends may change over time to match the technological and social changes revolving business, FastPBX will always be a customer-centered PBX phone system provider aiming to provide innovative communication technology to medium and small businesses.

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