By alicia.sandino on June 05, 2017
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As more and more professionals turn to cloud-based business phone systems and using modern devices to communicate, analog phones and older models are becoming obsolete or reaching End of Life status. There’s nothing wrong with change, but if you don’t know how to properly dispose of your old equipment, you could be doing irreversible damage to the environment and even missing out on a chance to make extra money for your business.

Instead of dumping your outdated devices at a landfill or tossing them in your dumpster, see how you can responsibly dispose of your equipment with some of the resources below. If you’re in need of some extra cash for your business, you can even sell back your old equipment; why not turn your unused business phone systems into additional revenue for your business?

Benefits of Disposing of Your Business Phones Responsibly

Reusing, recycling, or donating obsolete business phone models offers several benefits to you and your company. By closing your loop of consumption, you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and compounds the already-deteriorating state of the environment. In order to reduce the overconsumption that is affecting our environment, we need to buy less and reuse more. Additional benefits of closing the loop are:

  • Clear your office of unnecessary clutter
  • Help create jobs
  • Corporate social responsibility, resulting in positive publicity
  • Tax benefits, depending on State policies
  • Keep your data secure

Alternatives for Upgrading Your Small Business Phones

If you’re disposing of your office phones to make room for new, upgraded equipment, FastPBX has two options for you.

You can browse and shop our selection of Cisco small business phones to give you long-lasting performance and functionality. Sometimes, you just can’t reuse certain pieces of equipment because they have reached End of Life status. If this has happened to your existing business phones, it may be time to consider investing in reliable phones.

Another option is renting hardware. With FastPBX, you can rent any piece of out-of-the-box hardware for an affordable monthly fee so you don’t have to invest in spending more than you need to. Every piece of hardware that goes out to customers is tested and verified for quality with our support staff to ensure you get the best experience. Contact our cloud specialists to learn more about this offer.

Depending on the size of your company, you may be able to get away with using your mobile phone as your main communication device. There are business phone plans that are tailored specifically for mobile use and can be a decent alternative to using office phones. However, if you're not a one-person operation or working within a small team of 10 people or less, you may want to consider looking into purchasing (or renting) office phones.

Although there are many brands available that can meet your needs, we have partnered with Cisco to offer the best prices because we know that the quality of our service and the established reliability of Cisco products will result in the best cloud communication experience.

Futher Reading And Additional Links

With the need for disposal resources increasing, here are some helpful sites where you can learn more about reselling, recycling or donating your obsolete business phone systems.

You can even sell some of your used devices on eBay or Amazon and check electronics stores like BestBuy for any buyback or recycling programs they may have available.

Most places recommend taking a few extra steps prior to disposing of your equipment for convenience and efficiency, like wiping out any business information and settings to maintain security or, if your older model uses batteries, taking them out and recycling or donating them separately.

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